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Am I a free man?

3 minute read

I woke up in a bed, alone in a room. Last night at the party I met the daughter of the priest of this village. Her name is Suzy and she let me stay in the pr...


2 minute read

From Kosice I went to Hungary, Budapest. People told me it is a must see. I stayed for 3 nights and met a local, Kinga. She was a saxophonist and wanted to k...

Kosice madness

1 minute read

In Slovakia I stayed with Dominika and Martin. I found them on Trustroots. A place for hitchhikers and like-minded people. Dominika and Martin showed me the ...

Still Poland

1 minute read

There was not much going on in the hostel. So I decided to hangout with random people on Hangouts. I met 2 Danish, American, German, South Korean and a Spani...


1 minute read

The following day I went to explore the city of Krakow. Did a walking tour through Kazimierz, the Jewish area. Eat a zapikanki for lunch with Tessa, a Dutch ...

Into the Krakรณw Ghetto

3 minute read

In the bus, Dominika and David, who took me asked me where I would stay for the night. Not yet decidedโ€ฆ Was my answer. She has some friends in Wroclaw where ...


4 minute read

The next day I left Luciaโ€™s place and went to the bus stop to go to Dresden. In Dresden I couldnโ€™t find a local to stay with, so I checked in at a hostel for...


less than 1 minute read

Woke up early to pack my bag. Ditched a book i was planning to fill with stories. After a week it was still empty. So no need for it and left it at a book sh...


less than 1 minute read

Slept until 11.00. went out the hostel and explored the city centre of Kassel. Not so much going on. Went to the Herkules statue and visited the tranquil par...

Day 2: Hitchhiking to Germany

2 minute read

After having a small breakfast and a coffee, Hein was going to work. He dropped me off at a gas station on the route. My destination: Kassel in Germany. Some...

Getting started

1 minute read

After they cleaned the car they bought from me my friends brought me to the nearest tankstation. With the sign they gave me they waited for me to find a ride...

Final preparation

less than 1 minute read

The last week I was busy arranging everything to get ready for my travel. The whole week was filled with goodbye dinners and drinks. Also I need to get my ap...

Backpack preparation

less than 1 minute read

It sounds weird, but I just dry-runned my backpack last week. On the table I still hadโ€ฆ

The last 2 weeks!

less than 1 minute read

Today the countdown of 2 weeks started. In 2 weeks my worldtrip will start. The owner of my apartment put a hiring on Funda! I got called by the rental agenc...

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