How it all started..

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My name is Leon and at the beginning of 2019 I had this wonderful idea to get rid of all my possessions and start traveling the world! At the moment I live in the city center of The Hague which is one of the major cities in The Netherlands. Actually the Dutch parliament is housed here.

I am renting a 2 bedroom apartment with a living room, kitchen and bathroom and balcony.

The reason why I live in Den Haag; Because I am a freelance software developer and almost all governmental organizations have offices here the probability to have clients here is high! Also from Den Haag Central station I can be almost anywhere in (most of) the Randstad within 1 hour by public transport. As a ZZPโ€™er my projects range for 3+ months. At the moment I work for a bank in Utrecht until I actually leave for my worldtrip, which is July 1st. Iโ€™ll stop working for my clients and I also resigned my company from the chamber of commerce.

I live alone in a rented apartment which is full of furniture i bought and stuff I bought in the last years. 5 Weeks before my big journey starts i started selling and giving away all my stuff. Only a few boxes I will store at my friends place like administration, my computer, skies, business- and winter cloths.

At the end of May I started putting everything on Marktplaats ( Dutch version of eBay). My bed, dining table, chairs, wardrobes, kitchen supplies, shelves, everything! Stuff worth less than 10โ‚ฌ I put for free on Facebook groups.