Still Poland

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There was not much going on in the hostel. So I decided to hangout with random people on Hangouts. I met 2 Danish, American, German, South Korean and a Spanish person. We went to a hamburger place and got some food. Later we went for drinks with the whole group. And partied in different places. Somehow the group went smaller to just me, the 2 Danish and a Spanish guy, Raul. I also dropped my phone while dancing with the Polish girls! Luckily the cover protected my phone, but the cover is destroyed!

I woke up in the hostel and needed to checkout. Last year in Sofia, Bulgaria, I met Robert. And he lived in Krakow and knew I was there too. Robert was working that day and had some meetings until 22.00. The problem in Krakow is that in the underground places there is no phone signal. In the morning I walked the river with my backpack and just walked into Andy, the American guy from yesterday! I had some spare time to kill and he invited me in his place to do some laundry. Meanwhile his friends came over and we did some humming games and drink coffee and shared travel stories🤗. We ate local food and attended an event. He even saved my life when i couldn’t reach Roberts place so I could stay as his couch.

The next morning I left and went to Roberts apartment. We visited the salt mines of Krakow. On the bus he got motion sickness, but luckily he didn’t throw up. Later that night we went partying and we met one of the girls I danced with yesterday. In one of the clubs we also met Raul and the Danish guy. We danced the night away again! From Roberts place I continued my travels to the south; Slovakia! I found a cheap bus ticket to Kosice!