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The following day I went to explore the city of Krakow. Did a walking tour through Kazimierz, the Jewish area. Eat a zapikanki for lunch with Tessa, a Dutch girl I met on the walking tour. For dinner I was invited by Dominika, my host to come over. She has invited her colleagues as well. We had a traditional Polish dinner; pickles soup, curried paprika and more pickles. And of course Piwo and wodka.

After her colleagues left, Kuba joined. Kuba used to live 7 years in the Netherlands. Was in Dutch jail 4 times. For stealing cars. Crimes with violence. Prosecuted to jail for 6 months. He was called by his lawyer; she tried to lower the sentence to 3 months. But he didn’t want to! Jail was so good. Tv, a clean bed and sometimes internet. He liked it. And training a lot. All for free. Much better than Poland. He told me this while we were drinking wodka. In Dutch..

He told me he got in a taxi and threathend the driver with a knife. And would stab him if he didn’t drive. Polish jails are one of the most horribles but in The Netherlands it is great. We laughed about it and shared more Piwo.

I said goodbye to Dominika and the neighbors. The following day I would leave their place. The first guests in the Airbnb would arrive. As a gift I gave them colourful candles for in their inner court.

One of my friends would be back in Krakow on Thursday and I could stay at his place for the weekend. So I stayed in a hostel to fill the gap. It was Wednesday already. I stayed at B Movie hostel for 22 zloty a night (4,50 €).