Into the Kraków Ghetto

3 minute read

In the bus, Dominika and David, who took me asked me where I would stay for the night. Not yet decided… Was my answer. She has some friends in Wroclaw where I could stay the night. She texted them if they are home. It was not possible today. She invited me to go all the way to Krakow and help them out with their newly AirBnb which they just got the keys of!! Of course i stayed in the bus until Krakow and accepted their kind offer. She asked me if i have dietary preferences. Nope i eat everything. But more important; Do you drink everything?? Everything! She ordered pizza for when we got there and told the neighbors to get wodka and put it in the freezer. With a big smile she started driving again. We past Wroclaw and picked up other people. Also in Katowice. A 5 hours hitch and 469 kilometers later we arrived in Krakow, and I was heading for Wroclaw that day. More than 200 kilometers further than I was planning.

They showed me their home. It was very old, but also cozy with a spacious inner terrace they shared with the neighbors. They have 2 neighbors which were waiting for me to arrive. Okay no problem. They showed me their airbnb which was the flat next door. Almost new. And like Polish styles with irrational things. A mat on top of the toilet seat. Is this for the girls to keep their ass warm when they cry silently in the bathroom?

It was 22.00 in the evening. The pizza arrived. We opened some beers with the neighbors and drank wodka. They put on some chilly jazz music. We talked about where i came from and what i do here in Poland. David and Dominkac both work in tourism. She has to work tomorrow. David was French and talked French with Dominika. Dominika also talked Polish with the rest. I put my electric camping candle on the table to make it more cozy. We all laughed. Suddenly the door opens. A big enormous gorrila sized Polish guy came in with another guy and a girl. He sat down at the couch close by and talked to her. The only thing i understood was Kurwa. The group left. The big guy was the new neighbor since last month. David only saw them once before. Before they went for holidays to France.

The big Polish guy came back and sat down on the couch and asked the neighbors what I did here. It was all in Polish and i could not understand any of it. This could get out of hand pretty easily. I was a bit scared, the guy sounded aggressive. I have no idea how I ended up in this situation. Maybe this is the end of my trip. This is where it ends?! This morning I woke up in Dresden and had a coffee and Anna’s place with Irina and hitchhiked all the way to Krakow. I was a bit drunk of all the wodka and maybe this was all too good to be true. Today I ended up in the ghetto of Krakow Poland, literally..

Suddenly the big Polish guy started talking Dutch to me! That I’m fucking crazy to hitchhike all the way from the Netherlands to here. He came to me and introduced himself. Kuba is his name. He lived in The Netherlands for 7 years and used worked at a warehouse pushing carts with flowers. Everything was so much better in The Netherlands. And this country is totally shit! The other Polish neighbors and David didn’t understand the Dutch conversation. Kuba said I was the second person in his life to talk Dutch to him here in Poland. For me he was the first person to talk Dutch to me here in Poland as well. We laughed. I would have never expect any of this to happen.

“Logistics brings you from A to B. Imagination brings you everywhere.”

Dominika came back. And asked if everything was alright and if I needed anything. It was alright. I went to sleep. The next morning i woke up in their Airbnb. Realizing this was not all a dream. I never felt so happy and amazed by their kindness and hospitality.