Kosice madness

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In Slovakia I stayed with Dominika and Martin. I found them on Trustroots. A place for hitchhikers and like-minded people. Dominika and Martin showed me the Kosice madness!! I stayed at their place for 2 nights. It was a bit messy, but super fun. Dominika knows a lot about the history of Kosice and showed me the place where she was working. An old tobacco factory which was transformed to a cultural center in Kosice. She doesn’t really like to cook, so I made them Dutch pancakes 🥞 for breakfast. Also one of her friends, Paul, joined us and he made a drawing of me! Their apartment was very small with a lot of stuff and a cat. I slept on the couch. Their place is artistic with a lot of cool stickers 🙌🏻. We went for a walk in the hills with their friend. We found some arrows and later a bow. We tried shooting at some targets. I think I reached the end of civilization. Later we checked out a squatting place.

We went for drinks in the “Colloseum”. A place with many bars and random madness! A very rowdy bar with similar aesthetics as the Titty Twister from the movie From dusk till dawn. Also I tried some Borovichka, a local drink similar to wodka. Dominika is into planking. That’s why she is lying on a rock. My next stop will be somewhere in Hungary, but I don’t know where yet.