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Slept until 11.00. went out the hostel and explored the city centre of Kassel. Not so much going on. Went to the Herkules statue and visited the tranquil parcs and surroundings. A lot of tourists! Even dutch people with children strollers. It was very warm and I needed to cover my arms for the sun. In the evening I went back to the hostel, took a shower and slept until 9. I found a place to stay in my next stop; Weimar and found out how to get there. This time I will not hitchhike but take the train! I made an online reservation for 22€.

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I love to hitchhike not because to save money, but to travel in an ecological and sustainable way. Most drivers are alone in the car and drive to that direction anyway. I can fill up that space and have some conversations and tell stories if the driver likes it.

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The next stop: Weimar!