Getting started

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After they cleaned the car they bought from me my friends brought me to the nearest tankstation. With the sign they gave me they waited for me to find a ride to Nijmegen. The first stop of my world trip! I asked some people where they were headed to and found a Tesla driver charging his electric car. He was not going to Nijmegen but was heading that way. He could drop me off close to there in a town close by. We waited for his car to charge to 40% and said goodbye to my friends. Thank you Jan!

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He dropped me off in this town at a bus station and there was a bus going directly to the city centre of Nijmegen. I remembered I still have my public transport card with some money on it and took the bus. On the bus people stared at me for having this Japan sign carrying around. Probably something unusual. Nijmegen is not so big, but there are some lovely parcs to sit and read a book. I found a place to stay for the night via Couchsurfing. A couple in Wijchen, close by. I was invited for dinner after work and Hein cooked a delicious meal. We hiked through the area for an hour. and drank some wine. They both have kids from previous marriage and were all grown up. I could stay in their guest room for the night which was very nice. It felt like a homecoming for me.