Final preparation

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The last week I was busy arranging everything to get ready for my travel. The whole week was filled with goodbye dinners and drinks. Also I need to get my appartment cleaned and emptied by Saturday. Last Thursday was my last day of working and it felt as a relief! Thanks for the amazing 1 year and 2 months working at this project.

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Friday was all about getting giving away my last boxes of stuff. Kitchen supplies, bathroom stuff, pillows.. Everything needs to go away. Saturday morning I dwelled the apartment and handed over the keys. Finally.. I am homeless! This is a feeling I never felt before. And it felt okay. Before driving home I sold the vacuum cleaner (out of the car) on Marktplaats. That night I was hanging out with friends in Sliedrecht. Still excited to start my journey.

Sunday I woke up at my parents place. Family come over to say goodbye. I will be gone for years. That night I drove to my friend who arranged a little sauna party for me. I gave him the keys to my beloved car. They made me a hitchhike sign; To Japan bitte!