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The next day I left Lucia’s place and went to the bus stop to go to Dresden. In Dresden I couldn’t find a local to stay with, so I checked in at a hostel for 2 nights in the area of Neustadt. I did some sightseeing in this beautiful city. Of course I did meet a Russian girl but she was sleepy and didn’t want to hangout but wanted to chat later. Somewhere online I found people to hang out with. Lea, a Swiss girl living in Dresden and a Czech guy. We went for a beer. After a while another local from Dresden joined. His name was Elijah and he was bare footed. We talked and bought beers in the store to drink on the streets. It is legal to drink on the streets in Germany and in Dresden that is literally what they do. We sat down on the streets in front of some traffic lights at an intersection. There were 100’s of people sitting here. The boy and girl were boring and more interested in each other. We went to another place to play table football and some billiard. Elijah and I danced like nobody was watching. I told Elijah I got a tarot card from Lucia. He was into this spiritual thing as well and showed how to use the hands to pick up energy. He was an expressive guy and told me a lot about the palms of the hand and the gates to the heart. I was a bit drunk but was really impressed by this. In the meantime the others left. We talked and talked and shared a falafel.

The next day I did some sightseeing in Dresden in a walking tour. I was invited to join a BBQ at the shore of the river. It was a bring your own food BBQ hosted by Kuldeep and Anna, 2 locals in Dresden. At a store I bought some food and beers and went to attend the outside BBQ. They do this a lot to meet travelers who visit their city. They also invited their friends which were really nice people. It started to get a bit chilly so we decided to go to their place close by. It was a cozy apartment at the 5th floor in the north of Dresden. One of their friends was with a car so we took a 5 minute ride. We chatted all night and shared our travel stories. I went back to the hostel and of course Irina, the Russian girl in the dorm wanted to talk the next day. She was already half asleep so we decided to talk in the morning. The next day I wanted to hitchhike to Poland!

After waking up in the hostel I was having breakfast with, Irina, who slept in the bunk bed above me. She was interested in my travel stories and wanted to know more. Last night I left my sunglasses at the apartment of Anna and Kuldeep and I needed to pick it up before hitchhiking to Poland. We wanted to have breakfast so we could talk a bit. So we both checked out at the hostel, ate pizza and got some coffee. She told me she wanted to hitchhike with me, but she was traveling to a different direction. She also wanted to stay in Dresden longer, but never slept at locals before. And she likes to hike in the nature. I told her I left my sunglasses at Annas place and I needed to pick it up. Maybe you can come along? I took Irina to Annas place. I knew Anna was kind and hospital enough to let her stay at their place. Kuldeep was working and I know they are going on a hiking trip in the next day. It was a bit of a surprise to Anna and she told me she was fine with it if I would bring Irina.

We arrived at their cozy apartment in Dresden and I introduced Irina to Anna. Quite overwhelmed but superhappy that i brought her a visitor. She made us coffee and after some great conversations I left to go to the entrance of the highway. Saying goodbye to Irina and Anna was saying goodbye to old friends. And we just met last night! We promised to keep in touch and meet again somewhere in this big world! Irina stayed at their place and went hiking with them. She send me photos later which was supercool. Has this anything to do with the tarot card I was keeping with me?

Near the entrance of the highway was a McDonald’s and I took out my newly created hitchhiking board! Eventually i started talking to some people at the tankstation close by. A bus with Polish license plates catched my eyes! They were going to Wroclaw, but… They have 2 blablacar guests who payed for their seats. It was unfair if they would take me for free and she didn’t want to discriminate them by taking me. I could clearly understand that and gave her some cash to cover the costs. I’m hitchhiking because it is a sustainable way of travel. And not because I don’t have any money to waste. Sharing the costs of travelling is a win-win!