Day 2: Hitchhiking to Germany

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After having a small breakfast and a coffee, Hein was going to work. He dropped me off at a gas station on the route. My destination: Kassel in Germany. Someone called me crazy for standing their which made me even more motivated. I moved a bit to the nearest bus station, to get the attention of more cars. A supercool yellow van stopped and asked me where to go. He was heading to Waalwijk, which was not on my route. He tipped me to walk to the entrance of the highway under the bridge. I did and got a hitchhike in under 5 minutes! Today I want to thank the following people:

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  • Robbert, the BMW driver who picked me up in Nijmegen
  • A friendly woman with her son Sam for taking me to a truck station near Venlo
  • A truck driver who took me from the truck station to the middle of nowhere close to Dusseldorf
  • A student who took me from the middle of nowhere to Dusseldorf
  • Dunja, who took me from Dusseldorf to Wuppertal and gave me a lot of tips to what to do in Wuppertal

The truck driver could take me to Cologne, but halfway the ride he got a call from his boss; He needed to go to Mönchengladbach instead! He took the first exit and turned around. He left me at the exit where I was picked up by a young student who took me to Dusseldorf. In Dusseldorf I changed to Dunja who took me to Wuppertal. My destination was Kassel but that was just too far for today. In Wuppertal I wanted to stay for the night and walked to a youth hostel. They didn’t accept me because I didn’t make a reservation in advance and told me to take a hotel instead. That’s not what I was planning for and looked online for available busrides or trains to Kassel. I found a driver on Blablacar who was driving directly to Kassel.

Christian the Blablacar driver had picked up another guy Nassir earlier and was driving home from work which was far away. We had some interesting talks about the human brain, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. He bought me a coffee for being a bit late in Wuppertal and told me I could always call him!

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Late at night I ended up in Kassel. Hitch-hiking for 13 hours and 331 kilometers I finally arrived at a hostel.

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