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From Kosice I went to Hungary, Budapest. People told me it is a must see. I stayed for 3 nights and met a local, Kinga. She was a saxophonist and wanted to know more about sleeping and how the brain operates. We went for a coffee. She showed me a place to drink a tobacco coffee. Later she showed me around the city. The coffee tasted like i was smoking a Cuban cigar at the same time! Very delicious. She told me about her problems for falling asleep and what she tried before. I explained her what happens to her. She was impressed and she really likes it. She hoped the therapy was free. Of course it is! She showed me around of course. After the coffee she needed to see a friend. I stayed and looked at books in a book store.

She texted me to see me later that day. I was going to an island walking. It was warm outside. A lot of tourist in Budapest. For me it is to crowdy. On this island I walked around when she texted me. We met on the entrance bridge. She wanted to go play board games. So we went to a board game store. We ate a tosti and drank lemonade. We played some games. On the tram I showed her where I stayed for the night, because we passed it.

It was getting late and the game store closes. We walked back to the city center. On the way back I invited her in my place. I showed her things on my laptop. She was interested in my travel stories. It was already late. She needed to go back and I dropped her at the tram station. She left and said; see you tomorrow. After the tram she needed to get a bus. She needed to wait another 50 minutes which was very long. So she asked if she could come back and stay for the night. Which was not a problem. So she came back and fell asleep. She was impressed that I can sleep everywhere in seconds. The next morning she left after having breakfast. She needed to watch the children of her sister. She told me there is a forest close by to Budapest and how I could get there. It was not a touristic place. In the afternoon I saw her again. It was supercool. There was a tower with a nice view of Budapest and the forest. There was a train which was operated by children. After I went back in the city I met her again. We visited an old abandoned airfield.

We went to a local Hungarian restaurant where they served goulash, a local Hungarian dish. The next day I went to Timisoara, Romania by bus. I said goodbye to her. She sent me some music to listen to on the bus ride. She was a saxophonist after all! I crossed the border from Hungary to Romania. Romania is part of the EU, but not part of the Schengen area, so there is a passport control.