About me?

My name is Leon, I was born in Rotterdam in 1989. Grown up in a small town called Sliedrecht. In 2008 I moved back to Rotterdam to study Computer Engineering (HBO Technische Informatica). In 2013 I graduated for my bachelor degree. Currently I’m living in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Once upon a time, somewhere in 2012, I did an internship at a company called VeliQ. There was someone looking for me to get some information. When this person entered our room (there were 4 desks in this room), she asked Who is Leon? Who is Leon? Let’s look that up on Google… No hits that would lead to me! Because this whole dialog was in Dutch, I actually googled for Wie is Leon? The domain of this website was also still available, so I registered the domain! And here it is.

After graduating I worked at different consultancy firms as as Software Developer. I even worked for software company in-house for about a year. They were all fun and I learned a lot. But there were some downsides. There was not a lot of freedom. So I started working as a freelancer!